Forest City Bible Church
Forest City Bible Church – 1889 Wonderland Rd. N. London, Ontario, Canada.
David Driver from Australia preached this message to our church in late September and the vote to call him as our senior pastor was unanimous.

Next Sunday’s Service…at the church (and on Zoom!) at 10:30 am. Our guest speaker will again be Rev. Dr. Byron Hand


The good news is that no matter who we are, where we are from, or what we have done, we are all supernaturally loved by God and wonderfully made in His image. The bad news is that we have all turned away from God; we have all chosen our ways over His ways, and we are separated from God, evident in all sorts of suffering we experience in this world. But the best news is that God has not left us alone in our separation. God has come to us in the person of Jesus, and He has made a way for every single one of us to be restored to a relationship with God not just in this world, but for all of eternity. There is no better news than this!


Pastor John Thompson has faithfully led us for almost 22 years and is now retired. The Search Committee did significant work in narrowing down many applications to three from which the Elders had to prayerfully choose one candidate. David Driver from Australia (married to Jess, a young lady from here in London, ON. They have a baby girl named Zoe.) was chosen by consensus. On Sunday, September 26, the membership voted unanimously to call him to be our senior pastor. You can watch David’s preaching (above and in Australia)…click on the underlined title: Joseph in Egypt – 31st January 2021, Rockingham Church of Christ – YouTube

Retired pastor and church member, Rev. Keith Higgins, preached a great message here on August 22nd about our mission statement – becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ. Watch it on the sermon page. He shared a sequel Sunday, October 17.

Our Sunday Morning  Service is at 10:30 AM (and for those on ZOOM, the link will be open at 10:00 AM. We mute the Zoom microphones five minutes before the service begins in order to prepare our hearts for worship. For Zoom connection information email:

Sermon videos are archived on the Sermon Page here. The Sermon Page also has a sub-page with any archived sermon manuscripts or notes.

Read last Sunday’s sermon notes here.

Watch last Sunday’s sermon video here.

We now have everything in place to keep you safe at church when you attend in person.  As you enter, the Covid 19 guidelines are posted on the front doors.  You will be asked to sanitize your hands and to wear a mask as you make your way directly to the Auditorium and choose a socially distanced seat.  We can accommodate up to 150 people safely in our building.  

We ask you to use the foyer washroom. Instructions (for sanitizing after use) are in the washroom.  

The worship music is directed toward the front of the room and our preacher speaks behind a plexiglass screen. We ask that you continue to wear your mask during the singing – in fact during the entire worship service. 

At the end of the service, we exit in an orderly fashion with social distancing through the doors to the parking lot. You can visit all you want outside.  

We appreciate your patience with all of these instructions and we look forward to seeing you in person.  

Our Mission

We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ whose vision is to glorify God by making disciples who will make disciples.

We are committed to knowing and living God’s Word through the faithful exposition of Scripture.

We are passionate about building our relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other…and impacting the world around us with His love.

Our Values

Authority of Scripture – In our worship of God and ministry to others we uphold the complete authority of God’s Word the Bible.

Discipleship – We are dedicated to building up every believer to his or her full potential, encouraging and holding one another accountable, so that each person can be a committed follower of Christ and involved in His ministry.

Worship – We hold to the value that worship is an attitude of the heart towards God that can be expressed in different ways. We will seek to honour God in our worship. Ultimately true worship results in a dedication to serving the Lord in all aspects of our lives.

Prayer – The lifeblood of our ministry is prayer. Nothing we do can be achieved without the empowerment given by God. We pray earnestly and honestly for God to equip us and bless us as His people building His kingdom

Evangelism – Without Christ mankind is eternally separated from God and without hope. We are, therefore, committed to communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Leadership – We will choose, support, and follow the leadership of our church based on Christ-like character. In fulfilling their various roles we expect our leaders to follow Christ’s example of servant leadership.

The Body – The strength of this local body of believers is dependent on what each individual member contributes to the unity of the whole. Every member shares in the responsibility to exercise their gifts to care for one another and to minister to others.