June 16 – Who Does Your Face Reflect – Pastor John Thompson

Acts 6:8-15                           “WHO DOES YOUR FACE REFLECT?”

Or, Do You Really Want to be Like Jesus? 

Have you ever noticed that our children and grand-children can at times look just so angelic?  And at other times they can look pretty much the opposite.  I still remember one of our children in her baby walker.  It was some time ago because we had the one that had wheels.  They were actually banned from sale in Canada in 2004.  Which is no wonder because in them children could be injured in any number of ways.  Stairs were especially dangerous. 

Anyway, our daughter was enjoying her newfound mobility and was up near the curtains on the front window.  She was also learning at that time what “No, don’t touch” meant.  And I remember well

her angelic face gazing back at us as she reached out her hand to grab the curtain with a bit of an impish grin even as we said “no, don’t touch” and she smiled back at us so sweetly.  Her face reflected innocence even though she wasn’t really innocent. 

The question I want to ask you today is “What does your face reflect.”  Really I’m asking, “Who does your face reflect?”  I think in answering that we also answer the question: “Do you really want to be like Jesus?” 

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