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Pastor John (pictured below) has served us faithfully for almost 22 years and is now retired. Here is our Pastoral Search Posting:

Looking for Full-time Pastor

Forest City Bible Church’s history involves the merger of three churches with like-minded Biblical teaching and active involvement with missions.  Our mission statement is to “preach God’s Word, equip God’s people and impact God’s world.” We consider the teaching and training of parents relative to providing Godly, Bible-based homes as a foundation on which to build our various church programs.  Christian education has been an important component of our ministry.  Sunday School for all ages, youth group and Junior Church have been in place as numbers allowed.  AWANA has been going strong for over 37 years.  Our church facility is very conducive to offering all types of church ministries and programs.

Our congregation is comprised mostly of people over 60 years of age.  We also have a growing group of several young families.  We are a loving church family who are committed to pray together and to participate in Growth Groups and Bible study as we desire to fulfill our vision to “glorify God by making disciples.”

A number of years ago, our church leadership structure changed to an “elder-led” Leadership Team, so that the responsibilities of deacons are incorporated in the elder role.  Our pastor is considered a teaching elder and is part of the team of seven elders.

The church is located in the northwest corner of the city, just north of a major east-west road on which cross-city bus service is provided.  In recent years, there have been many new homes built in several new subdivisions surrounding the church property.

London is a great place to raise a family. Located in southwestern Ontario, it is known as the Forest City. Our beautiful city offers over 200 parks and many kilometres of walking and biking paths throughout. London’s population is about 400,000; Western University and Fanshawe College are two large post secondary education venues that offer excellent fields of outreach. The Christian community is very active here, with 175 churches and a number of para-church organizations with headquarters in the city.

In light of the current situation due to Covid-19, worship services are available in person as federal, provincial and local regulations permit, and by Zoom when attendance is limited.

We have been very blessed to have a Godly, faithful and excellent teacher of the Word of God as our pastor, who along with his wife, have worked with us as a team for over 20 years!  It is time for him to retire, so we are now looking for a pastor who will be humble and ready to shepherd the flock here, who is, most importantly, a passionate student of the Word of God — a pastor who is authentic, mature in Christ, who wants to make Christ known in the church and the community, a pastor who is ready to work in a team approach on the Leadership Team and within the ministries in the church. 

We do not expect the pastor to do all the ministries in the church and to minister to all age groups. As we serve together, encouraging, motivating and being involved in sharing the gospel, we will look to the pastor for his example of experiential knowledge of God as part of each ministry. We have a mission field right around our church and we desire to be active in making Christ known in that community, so our pastor must be part of this. 

It is important that the pastor’s wife and family are part of the pastor’s team, being a support to him at home and in ministry.  Our church is small in numbers, but we desire to learn and grow in knowing God and in serving Him.  Making disciples is the vision our church focuses on with Growth Groups and other Bible studies that carry on weekly and biweekly.  Our pastor is our only paid employee, so there are lots of demands, but we are friendly and welcoming and very used to working together and supporting each other as we minister.  Missions is also an important part of our church, and we support several local parachurch ministries. In the past, we have supported international ministries as well.

 We desire to see our church grow; to grow in numbers with more young families would be great and then we would add appropriate programs as the need arose.  However, more than numbers, we would want to grow in our personal knowledge of God.  Faithfully preaching the Word of God each Sunday is what we look for from our pastor as his first responsibility, with some time off throughout the year. Our current pastor is very much an expository teacher.  While styles may vary, the truth of God and His word must be the heart of the pastor’s preaching. 

The pastor must be accepted by the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada (AGC) and agree with the Statement of Faith and Doctrine of the AGC.  We do not have any specific educational requirements except that we prefer a candidate to have a Bachelor or Master’s degree from an accredited Bible college.  We would be willing to provide salary and benefits commensurate with experience and education in discussion with selected candidates as we move through the hiring process.

Items required for application:

  • A covering letter expressing why you are interested and how your experiences have prepared you for ministry at Forest City Bible Church.
  • Your resume
  • Your faith story
  • Your philosophy of ministry
  • A statement of your beliefs

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Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged.