Connect With Us

1. Come and Meet Us

We would love to meet you and get to know you. Come say hi on a Sunday morning and we can get to know each other.

2. Join a Growth Group

Connect with your church family on a deeper level. Join one of our life groups to eat meals, share life, and do ministry together.

3. Go and Make Disciples

We exist to equip followers of Jesus to be and make disciples. We strive to help everyone use their gifts to contribute to the mission.

Next Steps…

Come join us on Sunday morning for our worship service and introduce yourself.

Click here to see location of FCBC

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves looking for a new church to call home. If you’ve selected this link, maybe this is one of those times in your lives…

While it can be a little intimidating to visit a new church, visitors to FCBC are always welcomed. In fact, we’ve been told by many visitors after a visit to a Sunday service that we’re extremely friendly. Well, we’re always encouraged to hear something like this. Guests are never accosted, but always warmly invited to just slip into a service, or to stay a few moments and make connections with our greeting teams. The choice is always yours.

And if you decide to return for future visits and you’d like a member of our leadership team or the pastor to contact you, we’re always more than pleased to have a chat with you in person or by phone.

Welcome to Forest City Bible Church! 1889 Wonderland Rd. N.,, 519-473-5555