August 12, 2018 Message

Luke 21:5-28 Preparing for the end

Things will get bad before they get really bad; this is the path Christians walk, so chin up and face the end looking to Christ – this will be your opportunity to witness.

Overview of 21:5-28

  • The Disciples comment on the incredible building of the Temple, and Jesus tells of it and Jerusalem’s impending destruction.
  • The disciples ask how and when this will be. Jesus cautions them against any enthusiasm for the destruction of the temple and any thought that as Christians they have a role in making it happen.
  • Then he begins to outline how things will get bad in the end of Jerusalem
  • Jesus maps out how things will get really bad in the end of all things
  • But even before these things take place Jesus prepares his disciples to walk a path of rejection and suffering; one like he walked.
  • Lastly he tells of the signs to expect at the end of all things when he comes again in glory to redeem his people.

Things will get bad (10-11, 20-24)

  • Jesus warns his disciples to flee the coming destruction

Before they get really bad (12, 16-17)

  • Jesus Warns his disciples of persecution, rejection, and betrayal

This is the path Christians walk

“Walking the path of Jesus: being persecuted, rejected, and betrayed by the very people we hope to save will characterize our life in Christ”

So chin up and face the end looking to Christ (25-28)

  • Jesus is coming to get what he paid for

This will be your opportunity to witness (13)

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